We are an organization whose sole purpose is to help generate new business for our members.
This information will help you better understand our referral program,our policies and give you everything you need to start building your business by referring other professionals.


  1. I agree to provide the agreed upon products/services at the prices I have quoted.
  2. I will build trust and spread goodwill among members and their referrals.
  3. I agree to follow through on all referrals I receive IN A TIMELY BASIS.
  4. I will create and encourage a positive and supportive attitude with all members of my Chapter.
  5. I will not give referrals to GUESTS until they have submitted an application and been accepted into the group.
  6. I will alter my spending habits wherever feasible to include the members of this group.
  7. I understand that should I violate any of the above Code of Ethics, my position can be opened.


There is an initial registration fee ($100) and membership ($45) is paid annually. They may be paid by cash or check.

Meal dues of $45 are due the 15th of the month. If dues are not paid within 30 days of the due date, you will be subject to possible removal from the Chapter. If proper notice is not given to the Chapter that you are leaving the Chapter, any past membership fees are still due.

Membership dues are non-refundable, but may be transferable, or approved for a leave of absence. See General Policies. Dues are only transferable to another person from the same company.

All returned checks will be assessed a $25 returned check fee.


PRESIDENT: Runs meetings, aids in resolving conflict, organizes open houses and is the main contact for the group.

VICE PRESIDENT: Monitors referral count, supports President’s duties, calls on new member references and approves new member applications.

SECRETARY: Discusses marketing and advertising options, maintains attendance records, assists Vice President on new member applications, updates membership lists, reading of new membership lists and maintains speaker rotation.

TREASURER: Keeping of all financial records, runs & records 50/50 raffle, collects dues.

(Collectively, all of the above are to be known as “the Board”)


We only allow one person per profession per Chapter. The Chapter Board will make a final determination of the availability of an opening in your profession.

Meetings are 60 minutes long and conducted weekly. Members are expected to arrive on time and be present during the entire meeting. All meetings will promptly start and end.

No business can be a member of more than one Chapter.

Your attendance at weekly meetings is very important to your business. If you cannot attend, you may send a substitute. However, substitutes may not replace a member on a continual basis. Members are expected to attend meetings at least two weeks of every month. Four consecutive weeks of unapproved absences and you will be placed up for review to the Board to have your position opened.

We have a $100 annual with a $45 flat fee per month (present or not). Any additional fees to cover food costs can be decided and collected in each Chapter.

Membership fees cover the cost of advertising and marketing for the group, periodic press releases and any brochures for the Chapter. There is an additional initiation fee of $15 at sign up that is used for the name tags, business card holders, and processing of the application.

There will be NO BARTERING for membership dues or fees.

Members are expected to bring genuine referrals and/or visitors to the Chapter.

Without a certain amount of information, a member of the group may choose to decline the referral until the proper information is provided. Also, it is important to utilize the “Hot” “Medium” and “Cold” sections of the referral slips. A member stating the “gave them a card” is NOT indication that you may solicit.

Weekly speakers must bring a $25 gift. Only members giving a referral or bringing a guest are eligible for the prize drawing. SPEAKERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUPPLYING A REPLACEMENT SPEAKER IF THEY CANNOT FULFILL THEIR OBLIGATION FOR THEIR SCHEDULED MEETING.

Temporary leaves are considered on an individual basis. PRP does not guarantee that any member will be granted a temporary or extended leave of absence. Granting of these absences are up to each Board of each Chapter.

If a member feels there is a conflict of classifications with a visitor, they are to address the situation with the Membership Committee before the visitor’s application is approved. If a conflict remains unchallenged, the Membership Committee will “assume their consent”.

If a member has information or conflict on any new member, it is their responsibility to submit that in writing to the Board prior to swearing in. This will equip the Board to make an informed decision on their acceptance.

If a member wishes to alter their classification for any reason, they must submit a new application for approval by the Membership Committee.

If a member would like to transfer to another Chapter, they must submit notification to the new and current Presidents and the main group Treasurer.

No new Chapters may be formed UNTIL all groups have a minimum of 10 active members.

Any member of any group may visit another group one time a quarter. A member can only visit if their position is NOT represented in that group. $2 for the voluntary 50/50 drawing is collected at the start of each meeting.

Should a conflict arise within a group, that grievance is to be submitted in writing to the Board. It is then given to the “offending” party and up to those two individuals to come to a resolve in a reasonable time. Three (3) unresolved grievances will open that position and is means for expulsion from the group.

Any decisions of the group can be made with a simple majority of member present.

These policies are subject to change with notice to the Chapter Board.


Knowing that the concept works (word of mouth), we provide an environment to help encourage you to educate other members on what constitutes a good referral, or a good “A” client for you. WE LOOK FORWARD TO A REWARDING AND LASTING RELATIONSHIP!